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Miss Sterger, a former Playboy model, is now so furious she has filed a lawsuit against him at Manhattan Supreme Court.

She accused Favre, a married grandfather, of sending her the texts in 2008 when she was working as a game hostess at his old team, the New York Jets.

The lawsuit says:'Reese has informed Sterger that he plans to use the Sterger Materials and information obtained from Sterger to pursue his own book.'Earlier this month Miss Sterger gave her first television interview about the scandal, in which she tearfully denied allegations she had had an affair with the married quarterback.

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Jenn addressed this issue by saying, “The only reason the NFL is doing anything about these players now is because it may cost the league sponsorship money,” “The sponsors don’t want to be associated with people who beat women and beat children.” Favre later admitted to having sent the voicemails, but he disagreed about sending the explicit images.Jenn and Cody were dating for a long time, and on that day, they took a step forward in their long-standing relationship. Today this girl agreed to spend the rest of her life with me.Cannot begin to tell you how much this person means to me.Back in 2010 during the month of October, NFL quarterback Brett Favre was alleged to have sent Sterger several seductive text messages, voicemails asking her to come and visit him in his hotel room, and forwarding explicit photos of himself during his days with the New York Jets.Caption: Jenn Sterger and Brett Favre were tangled in a controversy in 2010.

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